I never thought I would be one to workout so consistently and actually like it, but training with you has made me fall in love with it. Thank you for helping me become so much more confident in myself and stronger over the last months. And thank you for being there to push me day after day. I am not the same person I was when I started training and I owe that all to you.  You are so unbelievably talented in what you do.

Maria V.

I just want to SCREAM my thanks & praise to you for creating the CAKES By Iso program!!! My whole life I've had a hard time gaining weight (especially in the right places) and for so long I was HOPELESS... Until I bought CAKES. It wasn't easy but my consistency combined with the targeted glute workouts you provided helped me reach my body goals!! In the matter of 2 months of using CAKES I gained 15 pounds!!!!! Making my thighs and butt more plump and juicier as well as stronger. I'm so impressed at how I was able to build strength in my legs along with the definition I desired.



Nicole S.

Before I started CAKES by Iso, I struggled with gaining muscle in my glutes. I have a slim thick shape (thick thighs and big calves). My butt is on the smaller side compared to my thighs so that’s something i’ve always been self conscious of since I was an athlete in junior high school. After using Iso’s CAKES program, I noticed my butt gained more muscle, my legs became more toned and I gained more confidence in my body! Her program was well written and included videos for every exercise which were easy to follow, especially for those who are beginners in the gym. As a personal friend of Iso’s, I know she’s passionate about fitness and instilling confidence in those who want to enhance their body’s the natural way, especially women! I’m grateful for Iso’s CAKES program and I’m excited to start her next program, FIT THICC. Thank you Iso, keep shining and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Alexandria M.

CAKES by Iso was a thorough 6-week workout plan that helped me tone and define my body shape. I’ve always had somewhat of a big bumpa, but from doing the plan, I saw my butt become very tone and perk higher up (no one wants a flat big booty). I also lost 2 inches off my waist, which was a major plus because I felt it helped define my shape more. I felt stronger, but the best part was that it really encouraged me to go to the gym consistently. There used to be times I would be intimated to go to the gym because I wasn’t sure what to do. This program helped me build a consistent gym lifestyle and now I go 3-4x a week even after finishing the workout plan. The guide and video instruction were clear and detailed. It made what seem like an extremely challenging workout a little more doable. I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to shape, define, and tone their body.

Nikeya A.