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I never thought I would be one to workout so consistently and actually like it, but training with you has made me fall in love with it. Thank you for helping me become so much more confident in myself and stronger over the last months. And thank you for being there to push me day after day. I am not the same person I was when I started training and I owe that all to you.  You are so unbelievably talented in what you do.


I was apart of Iso’s four week challenge. She held us accountable to make sure we did the work but was also very encouraging and motivating. I didn’t want to let her down because she had such faith in all of us. That pushed me to keep going when I felt like cheating. It was a great experience at an awesome price. I lost 10 lbs and shrunk my stomach. If you are thinking about trying this, do it! It’s definitely worth it.


Honestly. Iso is the GOAT. I’ve had a few experiences with trainers but Iso has literally been the best. She is extremely patient and extremely knowledgeable about what she is teaching. As a single stay at home mom, it’s hard for me to find time to cater to my health and exercise as frequently, but Iso helped me do just that. She held me accountable but also let me know it was okay to have slip-ups. After Iso’s 4 week program, I didn’t lose much weight, but more so toned up my body which was my goal. The mommy pouch was getting real. Inches literally fell off and rolls started disappearing. Even my butt looked a little lifted. I feel more confident in knowing what my body can handle, which exercises work the best for me, and which foods are best to fuel my body with for whatever goal I’m trying to achieve. I urge everyone to work with Iso. Y’all see my results! That wasn’t no tea. No belly cream. No Dr. Miami! Just hard work and sweat. GET WITH ISO AND GET RIGHT! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!


Hey y’all, I joined ISO’s get fit challenge in June of 2020. I knew from the beginning of year 2020 that I wanted to gain weight but I definitely didn’t have the proper tools/knowledge to fully go about that journey. Iso’s challenge taught me discipline and endless health tips. For the June challenge, I saw major results and now I’m addicted to seeing more results. This challenge has not only changed me physically but mentally too. Couldn’t have asked for a better time with covid in the mix to look forward to something. If you’re looking to join, definitely do not hesitate. I mean look at my results as evidence . The journey continues. Thank you Iso! ️

I’ve been working with Iso for the last month, and I’ve seen amazing results so far! Iso is passionate about fitness and nutrition, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she  carries in our weekly catch ups and 1 on 1 sessions. I haven’t felt healthier or stronger since quarantine started.  Iso’s program made the transition from gym life to home workout life a breeze. Her easy going personality and friendliness creates such a relaxed and comforting atmosphere. The workouts can be challenging, but she provides videos for each exercise to ensure proper execution and form.  In our daily group chat, she motivates the group to push past limits and reach our goals. I’ve noticed an increase in my strength, stamina, and overall energy since starting the program. I look forward to continuing with the program this month.  If you’re looking to get fit and drop those quarantine pounds, Iso is definitely your girl!

There's no way I would be counting my calories, rationing my portions, or even the least bit interested in exercising if it wasn't for Iso. After doing her 30-day program, I can sincerely say this is the most consistently active I've been in years. She's tough and some of the exercises seem impossible, but she literally goes step-by-step with you, breaks everything down, answers every question and is on your ass EVERY day--she really wants to see us succeed! Iso helped me not just get healthy, but stay healthy--she's made this a lifestyle, not just a "get fit quick" program. Of course, I still have my cheat days, but Iso has changed the game in the life of my health. Love you Isoooooo.


Working with Iso was an amazing experience. She shows a lot of dedication to her clients and is always on top of us. If you’re like me, you def need that extra push and iso will make sure to keep you focused but also understands when maybe today’s not the day. She’s well versed in fitness and health and that’s why I can’t see myself working anyone else in my fitness journey! Thank you iso!!

I 100% recommend the Slay Iso Fit challenge for those who want to achieve their body goals! Isoken really takes great measures to keep you on track, holding you accountable, & challenging yourself. The program is very thorough, making it well worth the money. In addition exceeding my goals, I have learned a lot that I now continue on my own. 


Before I started CAKES by Iso, I struggled with gaining muscle in my glutes. My butt is on the smaller side compared to my thighs so that’s something i’ve always been self conscious of since I was an athlete in junior high school. After using Iso’s CAKES program, I noticed my butt gained more muscle, my legs became more toned and I gained more confidence in my body! Her program was well written and included videos for every exercise which were easy to follow, especially for those who are beginners in the gym. As a personal friend of Iso’s, I know she’s passionate about fitness and instilling confidence in those who want to enhance their body’s the natural way, especially women! I’m grateful for Iso’s CAKES program and I’m excited to start her next program, FIT THICC. Thank you Iso, keep shining and promoting a healthy lifestyle

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